1. Respect and mutual aid

Any statement made must be made with the greatest respect for the other by having in mind to preserve the emotional fragility of everyone. Mutual aid is the rule.

2 Regulation and animation of the group

Administrators and moderators dialogue and maintain peace in the community. Facilitators make the group more lively and determined. Some facilitators provide valuable advice, their skills and their commitment is worthy of respect for the community.

3 Free and respectful speech

On the different discussion spaces, speech is free, but we prohibit racist, sexist remarks, incitement to hatred or violence. No heavy flirting or sexual or moral harassment. No rude words, insults, mockery, insults or insinuations.

4 Useful debates between transparent members

No account settlement on the forum. It is forbidden to identify a member to tell him something unpleasant and to use an identity masked in duplicate of a public identity. No remarks will be made about the spelling or the way of writing of the members. Any expression is respectable.

5 Sales, recruitment, emotionally sensitive or degrading content

Commercial advertising, recruitment, sale, dissemination of pornographic or horror images or films in discussions are prohibited.

6 Reasoned contributions

Any link to a site, group or external page must be commented by the author to justify an opening of debate on the subject mentioned by the link. We will check before posting that the proposed topic is not rumored. Links to “clickbaits” are prohibited.

7 Political or religious debate

Any political or religious proselytism is prohibited: everyone has his opinions, one cannot risk offending others by this type of subject. Greeting messages associated with a traditional holiday can be issued in a post opened for the occasion. They are aimed at the whole group.

8 Denigration and dissemination of fake news on the methods used

It is forbidden to denigrate the method used by others to control or manage one’s disease. Everyone finds their way.

Art. 9 Measures taken in case of violation of the rules

Failure to comply with one or more of these rules results in an immediate and temporary “freeze” of the member’s account by moderation or administrators. At the end of this procedure, the member is either reinstated or excluded.