Why a collective?

The flexibility of a collective is the most appropriate form to start with. It allows us to focus on our goals. We are all sick people in the midst of reconstruction, so our lives are full and changing. The collective can thus adapt to the occasional absences of its members, welcome new ones by giving them all the space.

And then in collective we hear together. And that’s what it’s all about.

Who are we ?

We are patients of the Bipolar-AIR Center located in Lyon (France) accompanied by two nurses and supported by the other professionals.

Under the impetus of the center, from which we remain very distinct, we wanted to come together as a collective to make Functional Neurological Disorders known and give other patients ways to better understand what they suffer from, how to be better cared for, how to talk about it around us and have a little support and mutual aid.

Note : we are still few (less than 10) as active members and work hard for this collective to exist, despite our health problems, the care and the impact of all this on our lives. We sometimes have trouble responding quickly to emails. Thank you for your understanding if we delay a little… Do not hesitate to follow us on the networks in the meantime.